Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Dental Care Without Worry

Dental anxiety is common. Anxiety-free dentistry allows you to receive and complete your necessary dental treatment without fear or worry.

You’re not alone

Feeling fear or anxiety prior to or during dental treatment is normal. Common anxiety-producers are general fear of a dental appointment, remaining seated or still for a long period of time, difficulty with anesthesia, or a severe gag reflex.

Anxiety-relief option

Oral sedation is available by prescription from your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens. Minor sedatives are safe and enable you to relax and be comfortable before, during, and after your dental treatment.

Oral sedation is an effective anxiety-free option. You will recall less detail about your procedure, your appointment will appear to require less time, and you can accomplish more beneficial treatment during a single appointment.

Ask your dentist in Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Alvarez, about anxiety-free dentistry. Get more information about the sedation dentistry options available to provide you a comfortable and relaxed dental appointment.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

At least 80% of all adults experience some form of anxiety going to the dentist. Happily that does not occur at Natural Smile of the Palm Beaches as many patients come back again and again.

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