Root Canal

Tooth Saving Relief for Your Mouth Pain

A root canal procedure treats the pain in your tooth and gums. Tooth decay or dental trauma can produce an infection that results in severe, radiating pain in your tooth and throughout your jaw.

Symptom awareness can save your tooth

Mouth pain has a variety of causes. Any pain caused by an oral infection should not be ignored.

Common symptoms include radiating pain throughout your gums or jaw, painful chewing or biting, noticeable tooth sensitivity to hot or cold, a dull ache within your gums or tooth, and tender or swelled gums.

Save your tooth and get relief from pain

You can avoid a tooth extraction and save the function of your tooth with a root canal. During the procedure your dentist will remove the infection and tooth nerve to promote healing at the source.

Root canal therapy seals the area where the infection occurred. Your tooth is prepared and strengthened with a dental crown to enable full chewing function.

Contact your Palm Beach Gardens dentist, Dr. Alvarez, about your mouth pain or infection. Ask how root canal treatment can eliminate your pain and save your tooth.

Root Canal

Dr Alvarez has a specialist that partner’s with him in our Palm Beach dentist office to perform Root Canal Therapy. This allows us to create a “One Stop Shop of Dentistry” as we realize your time is important and prefer you do not have to visit another dental office for these procedures.

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