Same Day Crowns

A Dental Crown in One Office Visit

Same-Day crowns allow you to receive a permanent, full-functional dental crown in a single dental appointment. Imaging, design, and milling technology enable your procedure to be completed on-site within hours.

Faster treatment process than traditional dental crowns

You will invest less costs and time with same day crown treatment. Traditional crowns require that your tooth be numbed and shaped, an impression be taken, a temporary crown placed, and a return trip within two to three weeks for your permanent crown to be fitted.

Same day crowns most often require less of your tooth structure to be removed. Your same day crown is typically all porcelain and is prepared by our available technology at your Palm Beach Garden dentist.

Your risk of complications is reduced with same day crown treatment. It’s common for a temporary crown to “leak” or cause sensitivity issues.

Same day crowns eliminate most of the complications associated with traditional crowns. Your tooth is treated and protected during one appointment enabling you to be exposed to less risk.

Save time during your procedure. While your crown is being prepared you have opportunity to engage in personal activities or receive additional dentistry according to your treatment plan.

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Same Day Crowns

As we realize that you are constantly on the go, Dr Fernando Alvarez has the Cerec in his office whereby you in one office visit can be fitted with a crown or a bridge.

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