Dental Implants

Strong, Natural-Looking Tooth Replacement

Dental implants restore the look and function to your damaged, broken, or missing teeth. Your treatment will create a strong, new tooth from surface to root.

Your alternative to dentures or dental bridges

Dental implants are crafted from titanium. They are a safe, strong, long-lasting alternative to dentures or dental bridgework for tooth replacement.

Preserve your bone and gum tissue

Your dental implant becomes a new, functioning tooth. The implant adapts to your jawbone tissue while forming a new, supportive tooth root.

A dental implant also functions without utilizing your surrounding teeth. Your implant will prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting and will reduce your risk of bone and gum tissue loss.

Results-focused placement procedure

Your dental implant treatment involves a variety of steps. Each procedure assures that your implant creates a healthy, secure new tooth.

X-rays and dental impressions determine that the necessary amount of bone and gum tissue is available to support your dental implant. Following the surgical placement of your implant allow four to six months for your tissue to heal and integrate with it.

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