Improve Your Dental Health and Appearance

Orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth and corrects your tooth misalignment. Straighter, properly aligned teeth improve your oral health, how your teeth function, and your appearance.

Solutions for common tooth problems

Orthodontic treatment corrects the problems caused by tooth misalignment. Misaligned teeth can create additional, costly dental issues if you ignore them.

An overbite or underbite forces your upper or lower teeth outward and out of proper alignment. Orthodontic dentistry moves your teeth into proper alignment over time.

Overcrowding is caused by insufficient space between your teeth. Orthodontics corrects the problem that results from improper tooth growth and development.

Malocclusion occurs when your teeth do not fit together properly. Orthodontic treatment brings your teeth back into alignment and corrects your bite.

Your misaligned teeth can affect your face and mouth and cause it to lose its proper shape and appearance. Orthodontic dentistry can realign your teeth and help reshape your jaw.

Treatment for straighter teeth

Fixed orthodontic braces are common for correcting misaligned teeth. The treatment typically uses a metal or ceramic attachment that gradually moves your teeth into proper alignment.

Removable dental appliances are effective for correcting overbite or underbite issues. The retainers help correct your jaw alignment and repositions your teeth.

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You might need Orthodontic treatment if the following occurs:

  • Your teeth start to wear
  • When you grind your teeth on a regular occasion
  • When you chew food and you incur pain
  • When your teeth are crooked and need straightening

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