Teeth Whitening

Transform Your Smile with a Quick and Simple Treatment

Teeth whitening is a fast procedure that changes your smile from dull to bright. The treatment increases your confidence to smile by removing common stains from the surface of your teeth.

Eliminate unattractive stains from your teeth

Yellow, dull, or dark looking teeth are caused by many of the foods and beverages you enjoy. Tobacco use can also have an effect on the color of your teeth.

Achieve noticeable results

The results of your professional teeth whitening are immediately visible. The procedure lifts the stains and discolorations from your tooth surfaces as it penetrates your tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening is recommended for your upcoming special events. The procedure is the perfect cosmetic dentistry treatment to boost your confidence for a wedding or class reunion.

Contact your Palm Beach Gardens dentist, Dr. Alvarez, about a professional teeth whitening. Improve your appearance and confidence for your wedding or other special event.

Teeth Whitening

Come in for a Consultation as your teeth color might have changed over the years because of the following:

  • The constant use of cigarettes and chewing tobacco
  • Drinking fizzy beverages
  • Getting older

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